8 comments on “Text to Html Ratio Calculator

  1. Hi,
    Im using text to code ratio calculator on other site and Im geting different results.
    Why is that?

    • 42% of your HTML code is actual text. That means that 42% of that page contains relevant text for the end user

  2. I’m experiencing an issue similar to Filip above. Other sites are saying that my text to html ratio is more like 6%. Any idea why there would be such a large discrepancy? Also, is there a percentage that’s considered too high? thanks!

  3. Thanks for the advice. The tool is simple to use. But this ratio seems different than the ones I have seen on other sites. And is 62% a good number?

  4. Hi,
    The result was 45% Text in this Web Page after i used this tool. What does it mean? And how do i improve my website,www.sunkeycn.net for me?

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